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Betsy Phillips of The Scene just wrote a beautiful long form article of a lost Black cemetery in Nashville – not lost because lack of meaning, but how the city intentionally allowed it to be lost to time and space. When we talk about power, this is the kind of story we are talking about, and we know there are so many more like it, that we, as residents of Middle TN need to grieve, repent, and lament the reality of as well as the creation of systems that actively do this to our communal experiences. Please carve out some time to read it this week and share your thoughts in the comments. Below are some primer questions for you, but feel free to process and respond as you feel so inspired. Click on the photo or the button below to access the article.

What are your initial reactions? How does this impact a community? How does this impact Nashville that we would work to keep this hidden?

How does this impact the Black community in Nashville? What does this communicate about who and what we value?

What do we need to repent and lament as a community?