As we continue to engage in the both our own personal, collective, and interpersonal power, I think it is important for us to look at how that power was used to form a city.

Below is a reading (and a long reading at that) about how Nashville was formed as both a physical and communal space. It is Chapter Six from the above book by Benjamin Houston, and was published in 2012, so while gentrification has continued to reshape neighborhoods, as tornados and other natural disasters have swept through the city, while some things have changed since the publication, the intention in which this city was created has not. I imagine this reading will need to be be broken up into sections, but also, it should take us right up to our next in person gathering on August 5th! Would love to hear your responses and thoughts in the comments and especially how this is account is either different and/or similar to the story of Nashville that you are were already aware.

Grateful for each of you and how you are leading. Know that we are praying for each of you as you navigate both the hectic-ness and demands and monotony of your every day.