“I was in the room twenty years ago when the discussions were taking place about the need to establish the Operation Andrew Group to continue the impactful efforts of the Billy Graham crusade in Nashville and the surrounding region. The passion of the founders was birthed out of the proven success that local congregations may come together and accomplish God-sized tasks for the Kingdom." 

– Linda Leathers, President

During Billy Graham’s Nashville Crusade in 2000, pastors across Middle Tennessee were unified to serve their region. A new century began. Reaching over the walls of racial and denominational division brought churches closer together in Christ (John 17:21). We celebrate the gospel, which we have in common, and respect our unique differences. Now 20 years, the privilege to develop this impactful organization in a new decade of ministry is an opportunity we can all take part in.

"The Gathering", hosted by The Operation Andrew Group on the first Sunday in 2002, drew over 8,000 people by removing traditional cultural barriers among churches to share our city’s resources. Nashville believers came to the mass “eclectic worship service” at the Bridgestone (formerly Gaylord) Arena to hear Ravi Zacharias, and Rev. Tony Evans in 2003. OAG soon launched Lunches to Learn and Annual Honor Banquets, further bridging racial gaps. Prayer was emphasized at Prayer Summits and the downtown observance of the National Day of Prayer, co-hosted with the YMCA of Middle Tennessee, which builds cross-sector awareness each year.

OAG’s second decade recognized and expanded Christian servant leadership in our churches and help to connect our city’s resources. Four strategic ministry groups were launched to serve year-round are: LINC, Oak Project, United4Hope and UnitedNPrayer. Each ministry pin-points key intersections where churches can transform the life of our city, strengthen relationships on a daily basis.

"The power of God is found in the gospel. The unity we have in the gospel is more powerful than the sum of all of our differences ” — Michael Nolan, Past President

Leaders involved in the 2000 Billy Graham Crusade “Another Music City

Miracle” formalized their service to unify our city by founding The Operation Andrew Group (OAG) in 2001.

In 2003 OAG’s Board of Trustees from a spectrum of denominations, culturally

and socio-economically diverse, served to unify our expanding Mid-State area.

Today, prayer groups network at The National Day of Prayer downtown gathering (above), and can re-engage at quarterly UnitedNPrayer breakfasts.