OAGroup was founded by pastors gathering together

and we believe that when pastors are in relationship with each other, regardless of ecumenical background, that they can have the friendship, outlet, and relationships that can lead them to thriving in ministry. And when Pastors thrive, congregations can thrive, and when our congregations thrive, the city will flourish. No matter your denomination, your race, gender, theology, praxis,

these opportunities are here to serve YOU as a pastor.


OAGROUP hosts pastors around tables – completely un-programmed – in order to give space to discuss the things that you are facing as a faith leader in our community. We'll provide the space (and the food), and invite you to meet those pastoring and leading and facing the unique challenges that this season presents. For more information, click the button below.

Welcome to LINC

LINC (Leaders in Nashville Connecting) exists to bring pastors together to build community, engage in hard topics, and learn from our neighbors in order

to mobilize congregations for

deeper impact within the city of Nashville.

We recognize the unique leadership strain placed on pastors in today's world.

Through LINC, area pastors come together through a reconciliation cohort model to build deeper relationships as a diverse community of pastors and within the city of Nashville at large.
This 5-month program will feature both online and in-person content that will foster relationship-building and broaden our view of the city through engagement with stakeholders in key areas of culture such as business, food, arts and entertainment, government, media, and more.
LINC Cohorts move beyond cultural, theological, and personal biases and build a foundation of unity for the sake of the Kingdom and our neighbors.

By building a supportive and challenging community of care, LINC will impact your faith, strengthen your leadership, and deepen

your relationships.

The next LINC Cohort launches:

July 2022

For the cohort to build relationships and have honest conversations, we ask you to prioritize your participation.

LINC will meet in-person the first Thursday of each month beginning with an overnight retreat and continuing to meet for the first half of the day on those Thursdays. In addition to the monthly gaterhings there will be opportunities to engage content and with one another through our online platform.

Summer/Fall 2022 Cohort Dates

JULY 06-07

Overnight retreat

Meals + accommodations included


8:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Lunch + snacks provided


8:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Lunch + snacks provided


8:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Lunch + snacks provided


8:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Lunch + snacks provided


If you cannot attend one of these dates, we ask that you wait for a later cohort!

We know that life happens, and things can emerge, but we ask that you protect these dates and times as much as possible to get the most out of our time together. There will be opportunities to engage online in between in-person gatherings throughout the month, but we won’t be adding any more Zoom calls to your already busy digital spaces.

Cohort Participation Fee

We don't want price to be an issue, and we realize it has been a challenging year! So if the cost is prohibitive for your congregation, please apply and let us know in the comments.


If you're interested in taking the

next steps to join a LINC 2022 Cohort,

we invite you to apply today or reach out to Adam!

Each cohort is limited to 20 pastors,

so spend a few thoughtful minutes to

complete your application.

Or schedule a one-on-one with Adam below

to learn more and share about your ministry.

Not ready to apply yet? Still have questions?

He'd love to connect with you and

share more about LINC.