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Relevant Leaders in OAK

Growing relevance. The Oak Project launched their 2020 pairings with great expectations as Mentors and Mentees were introduced to each other for the first time. The generations ignite a strong learning framework. This year’s new teaching modules are based on the integration of Faith and Work. Special guest mentor was Nancy Reese, a leadership facilitator and former […]

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The Golf Challenge

Tee up. Your foursome 4 our great city! Why? Because friendships have impact. Because we work together. The 15th Annual Operation Andrew Group Golf Challenge is happening on Monday, April 27th with a shotgun start at 12:30pm. Sign-up your group of golfers, or ask for an afternoon off to volunteer to serve the event.  On the course […]

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March: Service

Service: (noun) the action of helping or doing work for someone, a system supplying a public need; (verb) perform routine maintenance. Acts of service are often recorded and shared on modes of communications to add value and merit. But, what does service look like when no one is looking, regardless of outcome?  In the month of […]


February: Love

Love: (noun, and verb) is identifiable and can be considered contagious, when the another person’s needs and wants are paramount to our own. We can identify love by seeing people share it – all across town. The Operation Andrew Group’s purpose is to serve our city with love.  Recently, Pastor TJ Tims of Immanuel Nashville Church […]

Metro. Churches. Resources.

Metro + Churches + Resources. Hand-in-hand we work together. At The Operation Andrew Group we are building city intersections for you to stayed linked in.   Submit your event to a Metro Calendar, share on Facebook, Instagram, engage your congregation in Nashville’s open doors of service, learning and conversation. Connect your church with ministries to grow the gospel into launch […]