OAGroup exists today because a group of pastors began to gather in 2000 with a heart to come together across denominational, neighborhood, ethnic, and racial differences to support our neighbors in new ways.

Our approach

We continue that legacy through a three-tiered approach to Pastor Engagement as we bring pastors together to provide communities of care, support, engagement, and relationship to help them care more holistically for themselves, their congregations, and our city.

OAGroup seeks to be known as a safe, trusted relational outlet for pastors throughout our Middle Tennessee communities.
By knowing the pastors in our community relationally, we can facilitate partnerships, create opportunities for unity with other pastors, and support faith leaders as people first as we wrap around them in love.
We know that being a pastor is a unique and specific calling, and far too often, it is a vocation where it can often feel lonely, even when we are on a team.

We’re creating a space for pastors around the region to gather in small groups to meet those in ministry near them and be with others who get it. Regardless of your ecumenical background, these low-key, non-programmed "RoundTables" are meant for us to connect as neighbors, faith leaders, and individuals without the titles.
Leaders in Nashville Connecting (LINC) brings together a diverse small group of 10-15 pastors in an intentional five-month cohort. Each cohort meets via monthly in-person gatherings and weekly online conversations that broaden their understanding of Nashville and its needs.
We desire to see these pastors and their congregations continue to partner with one another well beyond the five months of LINC.