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11th Annual Celebration

recognized Nashville leaders who demonstrate industrious humility, while serving the needs of others.

Lifetime Achievement:

Charles Strobel

Christian Civic Leaders:

Jackie Patillo

Michael W. Smith

Special Guests

Amy Grant & Wes King

2019 Recipients

Jackie Patillo, the Executive Director and President

of the Gospel Music Association. She is known for covering new ground,

 being an innovator who seeks creativity, authenticity and fulfillment. 

Michael W. Smith, an international singer-songwriter, Grammy, American Music Award, and Dove Award winner. He is now focusing on growing the awareness of prayer and worship worldwide.

Charles Strobel, a parish priest who welcomed homeless individuals into

his church building for the night. This led to the creation of Room In The Inn,

a model now operating across the USA and Canada.

About the Rodgers Awards for

Christian Civic Leadership and Lifetime Achievement:

As one of the founders of The Operation Andrew Group, Ambassador Joe Rodgers built unity by honoring one another in Christ. Today we continue to celebrate leadership which demonstrates industrious humility while exhibiting while serving the needs of others.

Past Rodgers recipients include Miles Ezell Jr., Marty Dickens, Lee Beaman, Sam Bartholomew, Beth Harwell, Lee Barfield, Stuart McWhorter, Howard Gentry, Amy Grant, Don Finto, Bill Carpenter, Dee Anna Smith, L.H. Hardwick, Dr. Richard Allen, Jr., Sandy Bledsoe, and Dr. Charles McGowan.

Celebrating servant leadership in our city…


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