United4Hope connects churches to public schools to see our students thrive and our communities transformed.

We believe all churches, regardless of size and resources, can support a school through our proven framework. We meet churches where they are to maximize their resources and effectively partner with a school.

Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) has schools in

asking for United4Hope church partners

Network of Connection
OAGroup strives to create a city-wide network of inter-denominational, multiracial churches engaging with public schools right here in Middle TN through the United4Hope initiative. This network encourages churches to connect with one another to share stories and ideas while also challenging each other to continually improve and deepen their partnership.
Currently, there are 104 local churches in partnership with a Metro Nashville Public School.
United4Hope is designed to serve Nashville in a way that, if we ceased to exist, the city would notice.

You're Not Alone
As a trusted cornerstone partner of Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS), United4Hope is much more than a cookie-cutter template.

We have created a robust partnership roadmap of best practices so that volunteer leaders from your congregation can lead the partnership while not overwhelming church staff's attention. They will receive individualized coaching and ongoing support from our team.
We also offer professional development opportunities for your church's staff and volunteer leaders through monthly newsletters and continuing education workshops such as cultural humility training, volunteer recruitment and retention seminars, trauma-informed care training, and more.
We are here for you at every step of the partnership.
4 Pillars of Impact
Since its inception, United4Hope has worked closely with MNPS to understand what schools need and how they can utilize the support of area churches.
Through our relationship with district leadership, we've identified four key areas of support. We call them our Pillars of Impact.
Student Achievement
Staff Encouragement
Family Engagement
In-Kind Donations
While most churches aren’t able to serve across all four pillars initially, we encourage them to focus one pillar and grow their engagement across multiple areas of impact over time.
Volunteerism is tailored to the individual school to ensure it aligns with its unique goals while working in tandem with the district’s initiatives to foster student success – such as the current one-on-one tutoring need.

Watch this video to hear from JP Conway, the minister at Acklen Avenue Church of Christ, and how their United4Hope partnership has impacted their congregation.

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