Back to School with United4Hope!

We are so excited to be heading back into our Metro Nashville Public Schools with our amazing church coordinators and volunteers! For the next few weeks, we are going to focus on specific church/school partnerships in an effort to celebrate these relationships. It is such a blessing to us to see the good work happening in the schools. Please send us pictures of your school/church partnerships in action!

Today, we are highlighting The Rising Church and their new partnership with Two Rivers Middle School. Their coordinators are Chelli Mosier and Kristi Brooks, and they are working alongside Marketo Days of Community Achieves at the school. This morning The Rising’s Pastor David Layne, his wife Samantha, their three small boys, and their worship pastor Noah Purcell delivered breakfast and provided a mobile coffee truck to the teachers and staff at the school for their in-service time. What a great idea to bless these educators right out of the gate in this new year!

Thank you to The Rising for welcoming back the teachers and staff at Two Rivers Middle with breakfast and coffee for in-service!