United4Pastors is a community of pastors for pastors in Nashville.

What is United4Pastors?

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United4Pastors is a space to connect, strengthen, and unify faith leaders throughout Nashville across ecumenical, racial, neighborhood, socio-economic, and diverse lived experiences in a more connected, collaborative, and supported community of pastors and ministers.

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United4Pastors is committed to creating safe, authentic relationships that give every faith leader the place to be in an encouraging community of care. Pastors appreciate interacting with others who understand the unique calling and daily challenges of pastoring and enjoy building meaningful relationships with pastors from around the city, for the city.

Healthy and thriving pastors work toward building healthy and thriving churches, and healthy and thriving churches are crucial to building a Nashville where all our neighbors can thrive. United4Pastors works to facilitate quarterly gatherings for pastors, city-wide workshops and retreats, as well as providing tools and conversations around shared knowledge, best practices, and connections to potential resources and community partners. The first act of United4Pastors was to launch the State of Nashville study.

Why launch this study?

United4Pastors is an opportunity to live out Jesus’ prayer of unity (John 17:21), and to not neglect to meet together (Hebrews 10:25). As we seek the Kingdom in Nashville as it is in Heaven, we need one another, and can build a city where all people flourish.


According to the State of Nashville study, only 31% of churched adults in Nashville say they’d trust another church’s leader. While this division of church communities and lack of trust in other church leaders in our neighborhoods is stark, it is also an invitation to build relationships across areas of difference. United4Pastors is a chance to be in community with church leaders where we acknowledge our diversities, understand the call, and love our neighbors.

Born out of listening to pastors, Operation Andrew Group launched the State of Nashville demographically representative study in partnership with Barna & the Charis Foundation, a study that examined how Nashville residents think about:

  • Human Flourishing
  • Worldview, Spirituality, & Beliefs
  • Views on the Church, Christians, & Pastors
  • The Church & Community Engagement
  • Church Preferences
  • Unchurched People’s Barriers

To learn more, click here, or click the button above to learn how your church can have a State of Nashville presentation for your team, congregation, or as part of your Sunday morning worship experience.

How can we pray for you?

Our team at Operation Andrew Group is committed to praying specifically for you so if you or your community have a request, please share with us below.

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