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Oak Project Takes Steps Forward

We are thrilled to share our excitement about the promising future of the Oak Project.
The remarkable progress we have made is a testament to the dedication and hard work of Chris Kinney
and all the volunteers involved.

As we look ahead, we are filled with anticipation for the journey that lies before us. With faith and determination, we trust in God's plan of providing the Oak Project's next leader.

Click the button below to read the job description and apply for the position of Oak Project Program Manager. We believe that finding the right person for this role will further strengthen our program and propel us to the next level of Christian mentorship.

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What is the Oak Project?

Holistic discipleship through intergenerational Christian mentoring.

Experience growth in these areas:




Interested in becoming a mentor or church partner?

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We’re recruiting mentors and churches to partner with us to build meaningful relationships through Oak Project’s holistic discipleship program.

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According to the State of Nashville, workplace satisfaction is 22% worse in Nashville than national norms (55% vs 77%). Oak Project mentoring groups create space for mentees and mentors to thrive, not only in the workplace, but in every aspect of their identity.

We connect motivated young professionals with experienced mentors for the purpose of self-development and intentional relationship.

Program Structure

  • 1 Mentor : 2 Mentee Groups
  • One-Year Commitment
  • One Meeting Per Month
  • Virtual or In-Person Meetings
  • Choose How and When You Meet
  • Time-Tested Pairing Process Based on Numerous Personal Attributes
  • Groups Provided with Personal Growth Materials and Community Support

Experienced Leaders, Top Professionals

Mentors and Mentees are have backgrounds in:

  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Education
  • Non-Profit
  • Creative Fields

Topics Covered Include

  • Knowing Yourself
  • Finances
  • Leading Yourself and Others
  • Faith & Work
  • The Church: God's Gift of Community
  • Vulnerability: The Secret Ingredient to Leadership and Relationship
  • Service & Gratitude
  • Rhythms: Personal & Spiritual
  • Goal Setting - Hearing God's Plan
  • Relationships: God's Design for Human Connection

Proven Results, Powerful Life Change

Launched in 2015, we’ve served over 500 participants

We consistently hear that the program inspires growth as Leaders, Employees, Spouses, Parents, Church Members, and Citizens.