Community School Coordinator Appreciation Week

Metro Nashville Public Schools understands the value of connecting families to valuable community resources, and therefore they seek to develop schools using a Community School model. Community Schools are those that bring together the strengths of a neighborhood and utilize resources in such a way that helps students and families overcome any barriers to learning. (Read more about Community Schools here).

Each United4Hope church/school partnership has a school liaison who partners and communicates with church coordinators to ensure that the partnership is being utilized to help students thrive and to transform the community. That means that each United4Hope school liaison is working to build a community school, just by partnering with your local church!

This week is National Community School Coordinator Week. There are endless ways to show your appreciation for your school liaison this week – shoot them a quick email, bring them lunch, tag them in a post on social media or mail them a letter! Let us know how you choose to show your appreciation for your school liaison this week!

Find more ideas for how to encourage your school liaison here!