Partnership Checklist for Church Coordinators

Not sure how to begin your partnership this year? We have created partnership checklists to set up our partners for success. Below is the checklist for U4H Church Partners. Click on the green text to access each item. Email us at with any questions.

  1. Complete the Coordinator Convening course by watching the event video if you were unable to attend on July 30. This will ensure you have all of the updates for this school year.
  2. Review the partnership handbook and COVID-19 coordinator addendum.
  3. Connect with your School Liaison to schedule a virtual partner meeting. Email if you’d like us to facilitate this meeting. 
  4. Familiarize yourself with your partner school’s specific volunteer opportunities.
  5. Ensure all new and returning volunteers complete the virtual volunteer orientation on Canvas
  6. Ensure all new and returning volunteers review the volunteer handbook and COVID-19 addendum to assist them in steps 7 and 8. 
  7. Ensure all new and returning volunteers complete the volunteer registration form.
  8. Ensure all volunteers who are working one-on-one with students complete a background check.
  9. Share your volunteer registration report with your school liaisons to verify volunteers have cleared their background checks and begin matching them to a specific volunteer opportunity.