Pastor Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month! Keep reading to hear about a few of Nashville’s incredible pastors, and why their congregants appreciate them!

Pastor Stephen Handy, McKendree United Methodist Church – My pastor knows the people in his church, and you can tell his genuine care for each person.  I love the way he shares leadership and sees it not as his church but our church. I love the way my pastor cares for issues that directly are impacting our neighbors, and I love the way he collaborates with the broader community.

Pastor David Hannah, The Church at Lockeland Springs – I love the way Pastor David makes sure to meet every new person who comes into the service. He loves the community of East Nashville, and once a quarter we have family meals where we host a huge potluck and anyone is invited. I know that if he could, he would have a family meal every weekend. Pastor David also loves the nonprofits and schools that partner with Lockeland so well. 

Pastor TJ Tims, Immanuel Nashville – I love that Pastor TJ delights in the word of God, and he teaches it in such a way that makes me want to know it more. Pastor TJ is a humble leader, and he makes much of the grace of God. His love for the Lord is obvious! I am so grateful for his servant leadership.

Pastor Chris Williamson, Strong Tower Bible Church – I am grateful for Pastor Chris’ faithfulness to his calling to establish and shepherd a multiracial church. He serves as Gospel preacher and prophet especially on matters of racial justice and reconciliation. Pastor Chris has persevered in this work though the forces in our broader culture tend to drive brothers and sisters in Christ apart from each other. His love for God and neighbor is infectious.

Why are you grateful for your pastor? Make sure to tell them this month!

Adam Buzard, Operation Andrew Group’s Director of Programming, is hosting three Pastor Appreciation Coffees in October. Share this information with the pastors in your life, so they can enjoy a free cup of coffee and know that OA Group is grateful for them!