U4H 20 Days of Prayer || Day 5

God of the past, present and future, 

Thank you for each and every student that comes into our schools. We are grateful for
the hope you have filled them with as well as their unique talents, skills, perspectives,
compassion, drive, insight, and dreams that you have imbued in every one.  

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to
completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Phil. 1:6 

Lord, we know that there is so much that can happen in a single year and there’s so
much to be excited and anxious about, yet we pray for your grace to be so evident in
the future of our students. May they continue to grow into the person you’ve created
them to be, even with all of the unknowns looming before them. Whether its high school
students trying to plan out what needs to happen to get to graduation and beyond,
middle schoolers dreaming of possibilities, or elementary students who are teaming with
potential to go deeper into a world in which they thrive, Lord be with our students.

Protect their abilities to dream of a world where they can be fully themselves and that
they would know you care about their future. God, we pray for wisdom in decision
making, blessing in opportunities, and security in each step forward. Provide a way
forward that is safe from harm, buoyed by hope, and anchored in your love for them.
Whether the future seems overwhelming and daunting or full of possibility and hope,
God may you give all our students your heart for our world and a deep assuredness that
they are loved by you, by their families, and by their community; and will you continue to
guide, protect, and make a way for their futures where they thrive.  

In the name of Jesus… 

Adam Buzard 
Operation Andrew Group