Partnership Checklist for School Partners

Not sure how to begin your partnership this year? We have created partnership checklists to set up our partners for success. Below is the checklist for U4H School Partners. Click on the green text to access each item. Email us at with any questions.

  1. Review the COVID-19 Addendum for ideas on how to engage your church partner this year and tips to facilitating a partner planning meeting.
  2. Conduct a planning meeting with your church partner(s) to discuss how your church partners can support your school improvement plan. Email if you’d like us to facilitate this meeting. 
  3. Connect with your church coordinator to verify all volunteers have passed their background checks and begin matching volunteers to specific roles. Email if you have questions about the status of a volunteer’s background check. Your church coordinator will have a report of their volunteers’ contact info, interests, and availability. Use this volunteer matching guide to help with this process.