Sweet Support

United4Hope is highlighting a new partnership between South End United Methodist Church and Tusculum Elementary School. Last week Tusculum invited all school partners to a quarterly meeting. What an encouragement to see so many from that community coming together to hear about the wonderful things happening in their school! As I looked around the table, I was inspired by the all the different groups represented and their commitment to Tusculum Elementary. Karen Fowlkes was among those in attendance representing her United4Hope church partnership.

Karen and fellow congregant Linda Carter have taken on the role of co-coordinators for South End UMC with such dedication and fervor. They have been present at every gathering, training, and orientation that United4Hope has offered in an effort to be better equipped to walk alongside their volunteers and Tusculum Elementary. While I was at the school for the meeting, I caught a glimpse of how they are engaging in our second pillar of impact, which is Staff Encouragement. Karen, Linda, and their volunteers show love and encouragement every month by bringing in cakes and decorating a designated room to celebrate the birthdays of teachers and staff. As a former teacher myself, it was so wonderful to see such a tangible gesture of sweet support!