Trauma-Informed Practices

This past Thursday, we gathered with the United4Hope church coordinators at James Lawson High School to learn about trauma informed practices from MNPS Trauma-Informed Schools Specialist, Eli Foster. Mr. Foster’s passion and expertise for the topic of trauma-informed care inspired us to care well for one another and for the students at our partner schools. At United4Hope, we provide not just a community of service and support, but also a community of learning and networking.

Mr. Foster defined trauma as our brain’s “natural response to unnatural stimuli.” When we experience distress, our brain adapts to tolerate the stress, and we may end up withdrawing or acting out. Children experiencing distress may develop harmful patterns of coping unless they have an understanding, compassionate adult to intervene and help them feel safe and loved. What urgent, meaningful work we are doing among our young people in the schools!