Tutor Testimonial: Laura Denison

“Pouring energy and time into this young generation is a gift for all…” – Laura Denison

Laura Denison is a member at Second Presbyterian Church and tutored a student through the Accelerating Scholars program during the 2021 – 2022 school year. Below she shares her experience!

Sign up Process

Last year Laura heard an ad on the radio for Accelerating Scholars and jumped at the opportunity to help students virtually during the pandemic. She told us that the sign-up process for Accelerating Scholars was very easy!

Pandemic Challenges

Virtual tutoring gave Laura insight into how difficult the pandemic was for students and teachers. She noticed that the bilingual student she was tutoring could benefit from help with reading comprehension. Laura continued to work with him, and by the end of the school year he not only made improvements in reading but also gained confidence. His teacher said that his discussions with Laura were often shared with their class!

How Can High-Dosage Tutoring Help Students?

Research shows that high-dosage tutoring results in great learning gains for students because of its consistent and structured nature. Accelerating Scholars is thirty minutes, three times per week, for twelve weeks, and MNPS provides all the training and curriculum guides for tutors. This year virtual or in-person tutoring is available!

Tutoring Support

All tutors will be connected with a Tutor Lead at your student’s school who will answer any questions that pop up. Laura really appreciated being able to reach out to her tutor lead with questions and know that she would hear back within a few days.  

Laura’s Advice

“…You need to have patience, flexibility, optimism and joy.”  As with all volunteer opportunities, there are roadblocks that come up. With joyful persistence, you can truly make a difference!  

We hope you will consider signing up to be an Accelerating Scholars tutor this school year!