United4Hope Attends the 2023 State of the Schools Address 

The State of the Schools is hosted by Williamson, INC, the Williamson Chamber of Commerce, to provide the Williamson County community with updates on Williamson County Schools (WCS) and the Franklin Special School District (FSSD). Dr. Snowden, Director of Schools for FSSD, and WCS Superintendent Jason Golden, spoke about the district’s academic and social emotional achievements and shared updates for each district. 

Dr. Snowden shared about FSSD’s new partnership with United4Hope. He said, “We are excited about a new partnership opportunity that we have with United4Hope. We’ve always had great partnerships with our faith-based community. Obviously, we have to keep separation of church and state in mind, but this is so great to have this additional enhancement of our relationships with our faith-based community. We look forward to expanding those relationships with different churches across our community.” 

At every step of the way, FSSD has been a big supporter of United4Hope because they believe in community partnerships. Churches are part of the community, and there is a space for collaboration.  

In the first month of this new partnership, we have onboarded two churches in Franklin. Our mission at Operation Andrew Group is to unite the body of Christ as we partner with the local church to love God and our neighbors, and we are doing just that by uniting churches to love our schools while respecting the separation of church and state. We are here to listen to where God is leading us, and we are so excited to see where this year takes us.  

-Marian Campos 

Below is Marian Campos, overseeing the Franklin Special School District partnership, and the FSSD Student Support Supervisor, Dr. Lee Kirkpatrick at the State of the Schools.